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WM Specialists Ltd are world leaders in the supply, refurbishment and fitting of special purpose equipment, heating and ventilation systems, laundry chutes, refuse chutes, waste compactors, waste balers and recycling systems.

We offer high quality installations, servicing and innovation!

Refuse Chutes - These have numerous options including fully automatic wheelie bin tipping chutes and fully automatic self-cleaning systems. WMS chutes are installed in some of the world's most prestigious residential developments including some of the worlds largest residential buildings.

Building Services - We can provide heating and ventilation ductwork and design the network to suit any building.

Laundry Chutes - Our linen chute systems are used in most of the worlds leading hotel chains.

Recycling Chutes - Automatic garbage separation chute system for high to mid rise developments, including a retrofit unit.

Waste Compactors - We have a full range of standard compaction systems and balers for all your waste minimisation requirements

Cleaning, Repairs, Replacement & Maintenance -
We have a reputation for offering business and councils quality maintenance, replacement and repair.

One Off Projects - WMS are masters in providing solutions to the problems of handling or separating materials or waste. Our team of experienced designers are capable of developing a system for almost any requirement. Special installations include waste transfer systems for UK stadiums (including Twickenham & Wembley), a machine for destroying millions of miniature compressed air bottles, clinical waste destruction systems, sophisticated secure waste systems, shredding devices and many more.

For Australia & Asia visit http://www.wmspecialists.com,au/